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Puppy Questionaire

If you are interested in one of our puppies please copy these questions into an email and send us the answers.

Street Address:
Town & State:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Number of adults in your home:
Number and ages of children in your home:
Do you have a fenced yard? If so how large, and what type/size fencing? If no, then how will you excercise the puppy, and arrange for potty breaks/walks?
Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs?
Do you have any pets now? If so what kind and how many?
Have you owned a Boxer before? If yes, please tell me about your previous/current Boxer.
Do you understand that boxers tend to be a higher energy breed needing plenty of play time, and excercise?
Why have you chosen to get a new Boxer puppy?
What traits are you looking for in your new puppy?
Are you interested in a pet, possible show prospect, or working/obedience prospect?
If you are looking for a pet puppy, are you prepared to spay/neuter the puppy? If no, why not?
Do you have a preference for color- (fawn, brindle, or white)?
Are you willing to take another color if your choice is not available and if not why?
Do you have a preference for a male or female?
Are you willing to take another sex if your choice is not available and if not why?
Where will the dog spend most of it's day?
How many hours will the puppy be home alone during the day? Where will puppy be kept while no one is home?
Where will the puppy sleep?
Do you plan to crate train your new puppy?
Have you house-trained a puppy before?
Do you plan to attend puppy kindergarden and or basic obedience training with your new pup?
Are you willing to stay in contact with the puppies breeder for the life of the dog and provide updates?

Are you aware of the dangers of over-vaccinating our pets, and overuse of chemicals such as flea prentatives, etc?

Is there anything else that you think I need to be aware of?

Thank you for your interest in a Rocket Boxer puppy.