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Our Dogs

Owned By Us

CH MACH Lemko's Shootin' Star at Rocket CD BN RA MXS MJS MXP2 MJP2 MJPB XF CGC ("Trigger")
Rocket's Sky's The Limit DOM CD RN CGC ("Skye")
Rocket N Focal Point's Written In The Stars CD RA MX MXJ MF CGC TKN ("Leia")
Rocket's Super Sonic CGC TKN ("Murphy")
Rocket's Need For Speed ("Chance")
Altan's A Thousand Miles Per Hour v. Eurozone ("Jacky")

Co-Owned By Us

BISS GCH Rocket's Oh No! It's Devo at Fahnestock ("Devo")
CH Rocket N Sovrano's Spirit In The Sky ("Bond")
CH Rocket N Lando's Va Va Voom ("Nike")

Bred By Us

CH Rockett's Red Glare SOM ("Max")
GCH Rocket's Escape Velocity to Gentry ("Dash")
AM/UKC/INT CH Rocket's Fast and Furious CGC RO1 BH AD DN BA-N ("Jaunty")
Rocket's High Speed Pursuit CGC ("Hubbell")
Rocket's Kindred Spirit BN RN CGC CD-C CW-SR CW-ZR1 NW2 IL1 TT ("Bauer")
Rocket's High Velocity at Ravenclaw RN DJ CGC ("Ravyn")

The Past

Rocket's Walk 'N The Clouds ("Chloe")
CH Bluecollar's Starship Mercury CD RA NA NAJ CGC TT ("Star")