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My dogs are fed a species appropriate raw diet. I changed their diet and began limiting the number of vaccinations they receive in the hopes of improved health and longevity. A major reason for the switch were the problems that my older boxer has had with his rear knees and the arthritis that has developed as a result. Whilst it has not been a miracle cure, my dogs have done extremely well on this diet and are delirious when it comes to meal times.

Current Diet Their morning meal is generally a mixed meal containing the following:
30% Veggies (generally 3 different types that have been mixed up in the food processor)
For example - Spinach, carrots and apples OR Red leaf lettuce, blueberries, zucchini OR Mustard greens, sweet potatoe and yellow squash.
30% Offal and Muscle Meat (liver, kidneys, heart)
30% Ground or chunked meat
Mixed with some ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), Vitamin C & E and some type of Oil (flax seed, salmon oil), cottage cheese, yogurt and raw eggs.

About once a week they are fed green tripe for the morning meal.

Their evening meal is generally some type of meaty bone. I do feed a fair amount of chicken and duck frames since I can get this really reasonably, but I do try and vary their diet as much as possible. For example - chicken necks or backs, duck frames, turkey necks, rabbit, lamb shanks/breasts, pork/beef/lamb neckbones, canned sardines/mackeral etc.

Amount to Feed
2 to 3% of their ideal adult body weight.
For example, a 55lb dog should be eating - (55 * 0.02) = 1.1lb per day.
My advice though is to learn to look at your dogs and see whether they need to eat more or less. My 55lb female and my 75lb male both eat just over 1lb of food a day. My male is fairly inactive, and I have a hard time keeping weight off him. My female also gets some training treats in addition to this every day.

Weaning Puppies
Initially I started supplementing my puppies with the following milk mixture (whilst they were still nursing):
2 cups goats milk, 1 cup yogurt, 2 raw egg yolks, 2 bananas, 1 tbspn probiotics, some canned pumpkin (if there were any soft stools) - all mixed together in the blender.

Once they had been on the milk mixture for a couple of days, I added a meal of ground turkey necks mixed with some goat's milk. Then I gradually added in additional things to the ground meat meal, adding in only one thing at a time to ensure that the puppies would have no problem with it. I added in some liver, then kidneys, then different vegetables. Pretty soon they were on a mix of 30% ground meat, 30% offal (liver, kidney and heart) and 30% ground vegetables.
In addition to that I gave them large meaty bones to chew on (but where there was no danger of them swallowing the bones).

The puppies were receiving 4 meals a day - 2 milk mix meals, and 2 ground meat meals. By 8 weeks they were down to 3 meals a day - 1 milk mix meal, 2 ground meat meals and the occassional bone to chew on, and occassional slurps of milk from mom.

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