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Rocket N Focal Point's Written In The Stars CD RN AX MXJ XF ("Leia")

CH MACH Lemko's Shootin' Star at Rocket CD BN RA MXS MJS MXP2 MJP2 MJPB XF CGC (Trigger) x Rocket's Walk 'N The Clouds (Chloe)

DOB : 07/02/2012

Leia at 2 years

Leia at 2 years

Leia at 2 years

ABC 2013, Shown Placing 2nd in the large 9-12 fawn futurity bitch class

Head at 12 weeks/ Stacked at 8 weeks

Leia at 4 weeks/2 weeks

March 2017 - earns her Rally Novice (RN) title and her Master Jumpers (MXJ) agility title.
December 2016 - earns her Novice Obedience title (CD) and her Excellent Fast (XF) agility title.
October 2016 - earns her Excellent Standard (AX) and Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) agility titles.
October 2015 - earns her Open Standard (OA) and Open Jumpers (OAJ) agility titles.
September 2015 - earns her Novice Jumpers (NAJ) agility title.
October 2014 - earned her Open Fast (OF) agility title.
August 2014 - earned her Novice Standard (NA) and Novice Fast (NF) agility titles.
May 2014 - earned her 1st qualifying score in Novice Standard agility at 22 months old.
Dec 2013 - earned her 1st leg towards her UKC UN1 nosework title.
Sept 2013 - earned her UKC Odor Recognition Titles in Birch (PT1), Anise (PT2) and Clover (PT3).
Placed 2nd in the large 9-12 month fawn bitch futurity class at ABC 2013 (out of 24 bitches).

Health Tests :
ARVC Gene (Normal) - Determined by Parentage
DM (At Risk)
Cleared of SAS (flow rate 1.98 by Dr Meurs)
Holter (2013-0 PVCs / 2015-0 PVCs / 2017-0 PVCs)
Thyroid Normal (2013, 2015)
Hips (OFA Excellent)

Leia's Kids

*** First Litter - sired by WW Ch. Twinkle Star v. Eurozone SOM IPO1 ZTP BH ***
BISS GCH Rocket's Oh No! It's Devo at Fahnestock - Devo     Leia's 1st Champion
CH Rocket's Fast and Furious CGC - Jaunty     Leia's 2nd Champion
Rocket's Super Sonic CGC - Murphy    show/performance hopeful
Rocket's Need For Speed - Chance     show hopeful
Rocket N' Lando Va Va Voom - Nike     show/obedience hopeful
Rocket's High Speed Pursuit - Hubbell     show/performance hopeful
Rocket's High Velocity at Ravenclaw RN - Ravyn     agility/performance hopeful

Owned by Kerry Rodgers
Bred by Jeniffer Hitt, Carolyn Jowell and Kerry Rodgers