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We are Brian and Kerry Rodgers. I grew up in South Africa with boxers and always knew that when I got my first dog it would be a boxer. My husband's uncle had a boxer when he was growing up and Brian thought that he would like a boxer too.

When we got married in 1998, Brian bought Shaka for me as a wedding present. He was the mischevious, determined, little puppy who had a lot to say to say about everything and I just had to have him. Unfortunately, at the time, I did not know anything about the health problems facing the breed or responsible breeding practices, and we bought Shaka from a BYB. Over the years he has experienced health-related issues - most notably, 3 operations on his back knees to repair ligament tears - and these got me interested in the health problems facing this breed. These problems have slowed Shaka down considerably - although you may not notice this were you to see him playing in the back yard with Star. He has turned into a pretty mellow fellow who will do absolutely anything for food.

A couple of years ago we decided that it was time for Shaka to have a playmate and so, I started looking for a reputable breeder. I found such breeders in Dan and Wendy Still, of Bluecollar Boxers, in San Antonio. At the time I just wanted a pet puppy that I could do agility with - showing had not even crossed my mind. After speaking with Dan I somehow (????) found myself agreeing to be put on the list for a show puppy from their next litter. That is how Star came to be part of our family. I was planning on doing agility with her and thought that showing might be something else fun to try (which of course, is what it was).

Star and I are having loads of fun with everything that we are doing and she sure is giving me a lot of firsts - first show dog, first champion, first agility dog and first obedience dog.

Member of the Bell County Kennel Club
Member of the BlueBonnet Boxer Club
Member of the American Boxer Club